About Imani Girl Boutique LLC

The African meaning of Imani is "Faith". Fitting for a business that was birthed by a pure leap of faith and determination. When I think of an Imani Girl I see a female that, with faith, goes after that promotion she has been eyeing, starts that business even when she’s wondering how all the pieces are going to fit, or conquers any fear that has been holding her back. So, an Imani Girl is any fearless female that is out there, guided by faith, chasing her dreams…

Imani Girl Boutique LLC ® was created to offer fashion conscious women a site that covers your work, weekend, and sorority jewelry needs at an affordable price. The right accessory can give any outfit an added “pop”. At Imani Girl Boutique LLC we strive to offer unique items that you would typically not find in a department store. We want to offer pieces that standout and get noticed which is why special care and attention to detail is put into finding the right items to offer to our customers.

So, we hope you enjoy your shopping experience and are able to find that special item you’ve been searching for or pieces you didn’t even know you needed!!

Be Blessed, Have Faith, Be an Imani Girl

Imani Girl Boutique LLC®