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The African meaning of Imani is “Faith”. Fitting for a business that was birthed by a pure leap of faith and determination…

Imani Girl Boutique LLC ® was created from my own experience of having a hard time finding paraphernalia that matched my own personal style. I love luxury accessories, always have (Even when my budget didn’t allow it!!) but, could never find paraphernalia, especially accessories, that gave me that lux feel that I love. 

After seeing a need for unique, stylish Divine Nine paraphernalia and years of holding on to the dream of starting a business, I set out to create a brand that specializes in stylish and luxury driven Divine Nine merchandise and Imani Girl Boutique was birthed.

I’m confident the items will speak to all the style driven Divine Nine members and add that unique para look you’ve been looking for!!

Be Blessed, Have Faith, Be an Imani Girl